Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My love for Family Guy and pop culture references.

Why I love Family Guy? Because of all the nonstop pop culture references.

HAHAHAHA!!! Seth Macfarlane, you rock.

Catch all of Seth's Cavalcade here.

Seth's Cavalcade - YouTube Channel


Teapot said...

my first ipod (2003-2005) still works but only as a hard drive. I'm gonna go buy a new mini once my current mp3 player dies so i'm neglecting it like an average American who neglects the rest of the world. I hope they realise that no one outside of America actually likes McCain and definitely not anti-abortion-anti-gay-anti-common-sense-gunslinger-Palin.

i love ipod ad songs!

Rach said...

my very first ipod is a Shuffle fondly named Shufflie.

It's lying at the bottom of my handbag and I may need to launch a search party to fish it out.

My iPod video was a bday pressie which got effin stolen by some asswipes.

I lurve the American neglect parallel, but why do I have a feeling McCain/Palin will win? Just like 2000.

I lurve lurve lurve iPod songs! Groovy and indie. what's not to like? :D

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