Thursday, October 16, 2008

All my savings are belong to bills.

In my applaudable yet somewhat misguided attempt to save money, I ended up blowing about $1000 on clothes last 2 months.

Actually make that $1000++++++. 

Needless to say, Operation Scrooge has gone horribly pear-shaped.

-- Tiny Tim won in the end.

I bought affordable clothes, most of which were under $90. It is really not a big deal if I just buy 1 a month. The thing is, I bought more than 1.

I reasoned that it's better to spend $90 on clothes than on a good meal. I can wear the pretty dress more than once and it will last me for at least a few years. I feel better about myself, definitely more confident, I stand up straight and the world is a brighter place full of babies' laughter and unicorns.

[Plus, I rocked the hairband look a la Blair Waldorf for 2 weeks. Until the stupid hairband gave me a headache.]

-- Blair is my heroine.

$90 on 1 meal on the other hand gives you 60 minutes of gastronomic nirvana but you poop it out within 24 hours or less. Honestly not the best way to blow $90.

[This is the first time I have typed the word "pooped" as a verb in my post and it's making me all kinds of uncomfortable putting it into words. Ugh.]

I thought it was one of those "you spend money now, but you'll save a lot in the long run" kinda thing. Plus now that the economy is in the crapper, buying more affordable things makes sense, right?

Plus a Burberry-ish coat complete with gold shiny buttons is a classic purchase. It is timeless. So it's absolutely worth it and doesn't count.

Just like the black DVF-ish wrapdress that fits me to a T.

Even brand name dresses don't fit as well.

-- I still *heart* you DVF! Even though I'd unintentionally flash half my boobs to the world in your USD$320 dress.

It's either too long or the neckline looks all wrong. So it is absolutely worth it, and doesn't count as frivolous spending either. 

But I am missing the point entirely. What the f*ck am I doing, spending all that money on cheaply manufactured pieces of polyester/cotton sewn together?! The world is on the brink of collapsing, wedding bells are ringing in 2009 and I have my first home to think about.

I guess this post is just a reminder of my folly. Life cannot suck anymore than this.

Wait, actually it can. I'm going on a vacation to Hanoi with J. Uh-oh.

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