Saturday, October 04, 2008

Funny Iron Man t-shirt rocks!

This is a freaking cool t-shirt and I'm thinking of getting it for J. Or my brother.

They like Iron Man, so Iron Man in his man-knickers ironing his stretchy superhero pants works as well, right?

If a superhero can iron his own clothes, so can the 2 men under my roof. It makes perfect sense.

Iron man t-shirt - Price: $18.99 from Fusilly
Iron man origami - Geekologie reader


Mess With Texas said...

While I agree that men should be able to iron their own clothes, I don't think that many men are going to wear a shirt with a half dressed Iron Man on it.

Rach said...

it would be funny as hell though. the whole "i'm secured with my own masculinity to wear a t-shirt with half dressed Iron Man on it."

thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

So great. I love it.

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