Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just another rambling update.

I haven't been posting since.. some time ago because I can't focus.

I'm alright, in 1 single piece and my arms are still very much attached onto my torso. It's a public holiday so I got a huge sleep in. I'd rather roll from the warm end of the bed to the cool side repeatedly than to get out and do something. That's the thing. What am I going to do anyway?

I have been trying to find a place for the reception. I don't want to have it in a hotel because I don't want a ballroom with over the top deco. I don't want a fantastic restaurant that is smacked in the middle of a shopping mall. "Warm, intimate and casual yet contemporary setting" doesn't seem that demanding, does it? But it is. I have a few choices in mind, but I'm not sure if they serve Asian-Western food. I don't think Grandma is very keen on steak. Then again, a customized menu would definitely come at a jacked up price.

-- Something this simple is apparently hard to find.

And the economy. Yikes aren't we messed up now. With the economy going south, I'm wondering if I should have been smarter with money. Can J and I afford a wedding AND a home next year? I'm a little more than worried.

Was distracted by F1 night race and trying to rally enough people to congregate at a sports bar for a beer + steak filled F1 evening. As expected, people responded with the "I'm not sure if I can make it but please count me in when you book a table". I just put the news out and ignored the rest, whether they showed up or not because people are just 'too busy to show up' these days.

And a friend was being a total dick. It was the Friday of the F1 weekend and traffic was terrible due to road closures. I was due to pick him at a train station before heading to town to meet another friend. I was stuck in traffic, couldn't pick up his call because douchebags kept trying to cut into my lane without indicating. When I called and texted back, I didn't get any reply. And I had to find out from the other friend that he had left the train station because I didn't show up.

What a f*cker. I was 15 minutes late and now I'm the bad guy? I'm done accomodating non-appreciative assholes.

Anyhoo life is positively crappy and I'm not sure when I'll be able to write coherent posts again.

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