Monday, October 06, 2008

Nothing as absolute as death.

It was one of the gloomiest lunch I've had.

One of dad's employees, Q had been hospitalised for slightly over 2 weeks. I don't know Q but he has worked at dad's shop since I was little, so my brother and I had met him when we popped by dad's shop when we were little.

The doctor told him of he had lost his fight to cancer and he had 3-4 days to go. And that was Thursday. I found out when I went home to see mom and dad, and they visited him at the hospital.

News spread and family and friends turned up to say their goodbyes. On Sunday, 2 sales reps from another company in another state drove all the way to visit him at the hospital. They were asked to wait outside the ward with the rest of his family. I guess the doctors were removing tubes, cleaning up before he left for home. When everyone went in, Q was unconscious and the family proceeded to take him home at his request.

Mom and dad waited at home for them to host them while they were in town, seeing that the poor fellas didn't know where to go while the family made plans for Q to be discharged. They wanted to see him at Q's home. We took them to a late lunch. We ordered and ate, at the same time waiting for a phone call that could go either way. It was depressing and all gloomy. It felt like we were occupying ourselves with something while bracing for bad news, the finality of death.

About an hour later, lunch was over and dad stood up to pay. Dad came back and sat down, and his phone rang. It was Q's number. A sense of foreboding overcame us. We fell silent and we knew he had left.

While I couldn't explain the doom and gloom. I sympathise his wife and 4 children. I guess it is never a good day to wait for something as certain as death.


Teapot said...

sad story. Does it make you appreciate what you have?

Do you know Enough Rope? It's a popular show back in Aussieland (kinda like Parkinsons) and Dr Teo was on it a few weeks ago.

The part where he talks about people dying while others bitch about everyday life struck a cord with me and your post reminded me of it

Rach said...

it certainly puts things into perspective. just sad about his young family he left behind. =/

Yeah, andrew denton. Is dr teo famous or something? because he sounds a little over-confident. maybe i'm reading it wrong. :)

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