Friday, October 10, 2008

Purple Marc Jacobs dress - lovesit.

A little late but I loved the Marc by Marc Jacobs Purple dress.

To my shriekish girlie delight, I found the dress on the island! And that delight gave way to utter horror when I looked like a walking tent.

Despite the cool striking colors (purple!) I looked overwhelmed. A good thing too, since the world economy is tumbling like a house of cards and I should really save towards my wedding and first home. Damn it.

-- Omg omg it says Marc by Marc Jacobs on the plaid pattern!!

Le sigh.

So I went ahead and bought shoes in the same color scheme for just $9.90. Bargain hunting rocks!

The dress is available at Net-A-Porter for $469 for all you MJ fans. Viva la Marc Jacobs!

Marc Jacobs script plaid dress - Net-A-Porter

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Teapot said...

i'm going to be in Singapore for few hours in transit at the end of the year, where is the best place to shop? i want to get some computer hardware and military equipment

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