Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dress and royal blue rocks.

I got a new dress from Miss Selfridge last month (well it WAS October when I got it).

I know it just looks black and common. But it's the perfect cut and length for me. It is lightweight and has this sheer layer on top. (Bad description but I really don't know what material it is.) Wore the dress on my burfday!

-- That's my new Le Gatte Jeans dress on the right!

Yeah. That's my new hairdo. Gone are the days when I rocked the Jennifer Aniston hairstyle. I am different now! From the outside. On the inside, everything is still a bit of a mess. Not Britney Spears Trainwreck Red Alert level, but maybe Halle Berry "Oops I made a Jewish joke on national tv because maybe my pregnancy has knocked me out of my senses" level. Ha-ha and everyone forgives and forgets.

Lately the color royal blue is very much on my radar. Royal blue tops, dresses, skirts and even bags appeal to me. I've been meaning to get something in royal blue, preferably in luscious material like silk so it actually has a sheen on it. Regal!

-- A blue silk dress from Stella McCartney.

As seen on Nicole Richie on Lucky magazine some months ago.

Petit Four dress from Anthropologie in romantic voile!

-- Look at all the details!

Caspian Twilight dress from Anthropologie.

Pretty beading and details! I think it will be just fab for Christmas parties. =) Get it and thank me later.

http://www.perezhilton.com for more Trainwreck Britney.
News link for Halle's gaffe.

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Doug said...

I hope you had a happy birthday! (I just noticed the "friendly" reminder at the top of your page.

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