Friday, November 07, 2008

I have a lot of hate for my managers.

I am ankle deep in work.

Yes, ankle deep isn't all that scary. Heck, it is the right amount of to work to keep 1 occupied, busy enough yet not overwhelmed. You don't look like you're NOT working, but you aren't slogging your sanity away either. But this is just a phase because peak period is actually in December.

Plus I've returned to what's being known as "office re-organization". And I'm deeply unhappy.

A couple of teams have merged, staff has been moved around and responsibilities have changed. At least on the organizational chart the managers have in their cubicles. How will the merger unfold or how productive it is, is another matter only time will reveal.

But as far as I'm concerned, I'm effin pissed off.

A "cooperation" team has been merged into my team. The team leader of "cooperation" team is now my assistant team leader. But she's not assistant team leader of the entire team, only that of 3 projects. And with my luck, 1 of the project happens to be mine.

From now onwards, I have to report to her and my responsibilities have expanded to cover all 3 projects, i.e. all her shite.

-- yeah, all the projects in the yellow box are belong to me.

You know what, f8ck that!

I feel insulted. Not only have I been passed over for a promotion, this feels like a demotion. I would have been happier if everything I was the acting head for my project. I manage the service, and not only am I the administrator for it, I am also the stand-in application vendor. How shall I explain this?

  1. I use the system. When there's an issue, I escalate it to the administrator of the system. And that administrator happens to be me.
  2. When the administrator determines the issue to be a product problem, it is escalated to the product vendor.
  3. And since the agency did not purchase support for the product because they are too cheapskate to do so, I have to troubleshoot someone else's crap. And that makes me the product developer/engineer.

Super f8cking hell.

I report to my Cylon team leader after the merger last year. And now, I have another woman to report to. The WOMAN shall henceforth be known as Teletubby. Not because she's rolly polly but because she speaks in a pseudo kiddy voice that irritates me to no end.

Why is someone who has no knowledge of the projects given the position of the assistant team leader? Is it because she's lunch buddy with the managers? Or that they need somewhere to place her because she used to be a team leader and they can't actually demote her? What the f8ck is going on???

I hate being overlooked twice in a row. I hate being stepped over again and again. I hate my workplace. I hate my managers.

I have a lot of hate in me now.

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Sleepy Scott said...

Yikes! Sounds bad, but I'm sure you'll find a way to triumph over the work-dolts.

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