Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maternal instincts and the floodgates of disdain runneth over.

I'm beginning to question if I have any ounce of maternal instincts in me.

It was Teletubby's son 3rd day in office. She brings her kid into the office so she can drop him at childcare at 9am. But everyone seemed to be bowled over by the presence of a child, making silly sounds, speaking in stupid childish voices and all that giggling and fake kungfu fighting

Why am I not going "awww he's so adorable?"

I'm no witch. Well, I'm selectively evil to people I don't like and horrible spacewasters. Here we have a little boy no more than 5 and I'm about to go mad from swooshing aeroplane noises he makes with other colleagues.

Perhaps I have indiscriminately extended my disdain for his dear ol mom to him. Poor boy.

I put on my earphones to block out the laughter of a child.

Am I weird?

In other news Grad Student was being a total dick. But what's new right? Anyhoo awesomer posts are stewing in my Draft folder. Let me get back to them.

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