Thursday, November 13, 2008

My hemline draws unwanted attention.

It can't possibly be more humiliating or disturbing when a male colleague tells you that the shirt dress you thought was fabulous and smart for work was a little 'see through'.

-- But.. but... IT'S FABULOUS!

And that's the reason why the technician from the data center keeps popping by the cubicle next to mine to say hi. Because my fabulous dress is "short".

All the hemline of my skirts are slightly above my knees!

It's horrible news to hear because married men have no business perving on innocent co-workers. And men have no business perving on innocent co-workers at all.

I'm in my 20s. I'm not like 50% of the womenfolk in my office building because they are 'over 35' and dress like... mumsy clerks. I'm grabbing hold of my youth! I'm dressing my age! And that's sort of bad at my workplace because my hemline may be a little shorter than 50% of the XX chromosomal community???
I don't get it. This sucks.

I'm not a flashy dresser at the workplace because I know better. Unlike silly interns who show up in clothes with slits and pieces of fabric falling everywhere because it's 'trendy'.

Nor do I dress like the PR dept ladies who dress smart every single day. I don't know how they do it (bulk buy A-line skirts?) but I can't be arsed to iron shirts and A line skirts every single day.

-- I look stumpy.

What is it with skirts that fall slightly above the knee? I can't wear anything over my knees because I look short and stumpy. It just doesn't go with my height.

I'm mortified at the thought of wearing mumsy clothes. I'm 20+++!!!! It's the last bits of my youth and I sure as hell am not going to dress older than I have to!

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