Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on Crappiest week and shifty landlord.

Updated scoreboard for The Crappiest Week (10-16 Nov 2008).

It does appear that the week did not end disastrously as predicted. There were definitely dips in overall optimism but the world agreed that this was not the worst case scenario they had painted. 

Jackass Landlord have postponed yet another appointment to fix the bed frame. The bed frame broke 2 weeks ago on the eve of my birthday. Lest your imagination run like the wind, NOTHING happened. J sat on it, about to embark on hours of mindless fun killing people on Metal Gear Solid 4 when it gave under him.

It wasn't a big problem, a power drill and nails will do the job to fix the bit that holds the slates. Landlord came to take a look, and said he would be back on Monday to fix the it. Come Sunday night, he called to say he was busy and not comfortable with coming over after 7pm because it's "night time". Fine. So we arranged for him to come over on Sunday 6pm.

[I don't understand how 7pm is "night time" and 6pm isn't.]

On Friday night, to be more accurate Saturday morning at 12.30am, he texted to say he had decided not to fix it, and will be sending a new bed frame over this week.

I'm not sure if I should be overjoyed or immensely pissed.

I hate it when people change appointments at the very last minute. I have a life (some semblance of it anyway) and I can't just talk to my people and rearrange my schedule to accomodate stupid inconsiderate jackasses like him.

The airconditioner is on its last run. It stopped spewing cool air one night. Like J said, even though I'm Asian who has spent most of her life in Asia, I haven't been under the sun nor humidity a lot. Heat and humidity are not my friends. 

One should NEVER assume that since I live in the tropics, I embrace heat and humidity. I've spent most of my life in the air-conditioned rooms or in any kinds of shade so I don't do so well when humidity goes up.

Anyhoo, the past 1 week has been less than comfortable. The air conditioner will run for 3 hours and stop spewing cool air after that. I have to time myself when I turn it on to ensure maximum coolness. Landlord says he is not going to fix it because it's the tenant's responsibility to maintain the air-conditioner. Not his.

Is that so?

Anyhoo I've given up arguing who should repair the fixtures in this rapidly dilapidating flat. I'll just suck it up, fix the air conditioner for my comfort and sanity.

The telly, ps3 could have died or the kitchen could have combust into flames spontaneously. But nothing catastrophic happened. 

So I guess I came out unscathed this week, only highly uncomfortable after sleeping in high humidity on a bed propped up by plastic Ikea boxes.

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