Monday, December 22, 2008

Mundane days and how some things get old.

Life has been both mundane yet crazy these days.

Normal life goes on as usual. Wake up, work, dinner, chores, Stimpak, sleep time. Rinse and repeat.

[I have sort of abandoned my Wii and my still-in-the-box Wii Fit for PlayStation 3. Talk about having a short attention span.]

-- Might be too late for a Stimpak

But it sure is busy as hell and I have no idea why. Perhaps it is my stupendously crappy time management skills. I seem to have so many errands to run, bills to pay, things to organise, xmas pressies to buy and meet ups to show up to.

By the way, Christmas is turning into a giant scam. I have a massive headache from buying pressies for people in the office.

Then I have to buy another pressie for a office lucky draw organized by Teletubby because she has nothing better to do except hogging the laser printer, printing 40 odd pages of craft materials to make paper Xmas trees.

I HAVE to buy something. I'm already kinda the loner in my team and I don't want to be remembered as the only person not contributing because I'm not a "team player". Fuk this corporate blackmail shite.

The end of the year is also time when all my friends come back from abroad. This year, Soulie is back for almost 3 weeks for his upcoming wedding. Which of course means lots of dinners, piss ups and embarassing photos you can use to your advantage for the years to come.

-- Only a few thousand times more embarassing and incriminating.

I have 2 dinners this week, a Christmas dinner/lunch to organize (our first Christmas together), and trying my darnedest not to turn up for another piss up because the boys have a fully stocked arsenal this time.

All that bustling activities and being surrounded by friends. I can't say that all that partying and dinners don't get old, but I'm not sure if I should be complaining.

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