Monday, February 25, 2008

Marion Cotillard, Jeux d'Enfant and La Vie En Rose.

Marion Cotillard won!

The movie that brought her the golden statue, La Vie En Rose.

Just a tiny observation, of the 4 movies I've seen her in, the theme song for 2 of them was La Vie En Rose. One was of course for the movie La Vie En Rose, and the other movie that shares the same song is Jeux d'Enfant.

With that introduction, the story is clear.

I wonder if she got bored listening to it.

The day I felt the earth shook in Singapore.

As I was lying on my bed, doing "research" and working on my post, my bed shook. Not in that "my neighbours were going at it and it was ground shaking" kinda way.

Tremors from an earthquake - kinda way.

Mingie felt her building move, and she's all the way in her office in the heart of the CBD. So it wasn't my neighbours. I wasn't dizzy or hallucinating from lack of snacks.

Bloody NEA didn't have any updates. Well, I'm just glad I'm not dead yet or I'll be fricking pissed off since there are so many things I have not done. I'm not about to die when J is arriving in 2 days' time.

Something funny at the NEA website.

"Remember that earthquakes do not usually kill. Buildings, tidal waves (tsunami), falling objects, stupidity and ignorance do."

Pure brilliance. You don't see that everyday, especially from a government website.

Yup it's true. There was an earthquake.

Celebs look good and I don't.

I've just my haircut. It's short.

It has gone from Katie Holmes short to Elisha Cuthbert short. Boyish short.

She looks hot. I look like 13.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Major financial commitments, handouts, dubious "free lunch" and Avenue Q.

2008 started off with major financial commitments. Like friggin rent and bills and my friggin car costing me my first home, my first child and then some.

-- I have childish drawings.

I have seriously cut back on shopping. No more "wooo it's so luscious I bet I'll look so pretty in it and all my troubles will melt away" shopping, or "God, this is so unfair/life sucks so much so let me get this [insert object of affection] to balance out all the bad karma in my life, pleeeeeeeease?" shopping.

Withdrawal symptoms. Kicking in any minute now.

Everyone (outside of US of course. I'm sorry fellas in US about your subprime crisis. Rest assured it will hit us VERY badly soon.) seems to think that the economy is fantastic. The government is giving out handouts "Yay for our 2007 economy" bonuses to every citizen.

As an outsider, I am not sure if I'm just jealous or really really skeptical. I am pretty sure inflation, rise in GST, rise in income tax, rise in petrol, rise in everything else except your pay is going to be on the table soon. There is NEVER a free lunch. If they give you a dollar, they will MOST DEFINITELY 100% "CUT MY HEAD OFF IF IT DOESN'T HAPPEN" take $2 back.

-- Indeed.

In a currency more valuable than their own, say euros.

As Avenue Q proudly sang it, it sucks to be me. Go watch it. Still playing at Wynn Las Vegas I think (apparently not according to Wikipedia). Best holiday ever (read bits of it here).

Avenue Q - Official website
Avenue Q (wiki)- Avenue Q's Wikipedia entry

Caltex Singapore - Why do petroleum prices rise and fall

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Germy apartment, packing tips and mostly procrastination.

I have been so busy lately at work, and with the moving, unpacking and cleaning - it's unreal.

It has been such a rush. The big move was in the last week of December 2007, and the flat was filthy. Till today, I just can't imagine how 2 medical students, scholars as so proudly introduced by my landlord, could live in the Cradle of Filth and breathe in all those killer germs that they learn about in medical school.

-- They have more legs than that.

And then J arrived on the last day of 2007. I was so stressed by this. I wanted to make the flat as presentable and livable when he arrived. I had to. Between de-stinking the fridge, pouring toilet cleaner down the bowl and washing all the bloody cushions and everything in contact with everything else (gawd the germs are everywhere!), I had to choose between sleep and posting here.

We know how that turned out.

And it has been almost 2 months since I've been staying here. J and I bought very few but VERY USEFUL furniture. I have a bloody sleek shoe cupboard now. But as it turns out, that bloody sleek shoe cupboard is not enough for my shoes. I still have 2 shoeboxes lying around, and flip flops in my car boot.

Oh by the way, the car boot is a FANTASTIC storage space. Just in case you haven't considered using it as much as you should.

I am proud to say that my room is cozy and livable, while small quantity (say, 4 boxes) of my belongings still sit in my living in various state of being unpacked. I don't have much storage space and I'd rather die than to throw away all my stash of backdated fashion magazines. The best compromise is to arrange them as inconspicuously as possible. Without tripping.

Despite my "best efforts", there are still boxes of crap my precious precious belongings to unpack. I'm torn between chucking away pretty paper bags and all the backdated copies of my resume. Until I figure out what to do with them (or how to arrange them so they look artsy in my humble but mostly dilapidated home), I'll NOT do anything.

Lest I upset the balance of life (and stacks of paper wobbling precariously in the corner).

Is is procrastination at its best, or creative and admirable "don't do it unless I'm giving it my best" excuse to not do anything?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine is up to his eyeballs with studies.

It is Valentine's Day today but my Valentine is not here.

All the flowers, bears, chocolates, cards and pressies in the world won't be complete if he's not here. There are huge differences between a furry teddy bear and a boyfriend. I would rather have J here and we can eat terrible under/overcooked instant noodles for all I care.

It is sweet that J remembers, despite him being terrible with dates and him up to his eyeballs with studying for his Masters ticket.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day to me.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My grandma.

Every time I see an old lady, her kind face wizened with age and her back bent from age and perhaps labour from yester years, I can't help but feel so sorry for them.

-- Taken from

Every time I see them sitting by themselves at the market, fumbling to find money for the noodles they just ordered, I wonder why they are alone. I worry, because the floor can be wet at the market and they may slip. Sometimes they just sit there and watch the world past them by. They must feel so lonely.

Every time I see the old ladies, I think about my grandma.

It is heart wrenching to see her in her big hospital chair, not because it is her favourite chair, but because she's weak from her stroke and the chair keeps her posture upright. The big chair is heavy so it won't topple over should she shift her weight.

Nan has gradually lost the ability to walk. She used to be able to walk with her walking aid as she got stronger from physiotherapy. She had a little trouble with short term memory then, but she could still recognise us and talk fondly about the times when I was still a child clinging onto her leg while she cooked in the kitchen.

I talked to her this Chinese New Year, and she didn't say much. And when she did, she was mumbling and her words were slurred. Grandma forgets us sometimes, and she mistook me for my late aunt when I sat next to her during New Year.

It is sad to realise that I'll never see my dear nan going for evening walks, pruning the flowers in her little garden nor cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feist, independent music and Stars.

Feist - 1234

Very catchy song. "Sweetheart, bitterheart"/"now I can't tell you apart" Excellent. And did you see how trippy and kitschy the music video is? Double-excellent.

[This is a sad song that sounds trippy. I don't think this goes under my "Sad as shite" list. Hmm..]

I like songs that convey a much more complex state of mind with simple words. Stars, Feist and (of course) Death Cab, they do it for me.

I'm quite happy that independent music from Canada is finally getting air time. I had a nice chat with Guillaume who is very into the independent music scene in Canada.

Interesting fun fact: Guillaume ran a small radio station on campus while he was in uni. He could only play independent music (he couldn't play any from major recording company) and of course he played only songs he liked. This ranks highly in my books, definitely.

He was surprised I love Stars and Broken Social Scene. It's great to talk to someone about them because honestly, Canadian music hasn't actually reached Asia yet.

Just like Aussie music.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Long distance relationship, lie and intertwined lives.

People say long distance relationships get easier with time. What absolute bollocks.

It hurts when you say your goodbyes at the airport. Each time hurts much more than the last. The entire world comes to a screeching halt. You wonder how you are going to deal with the pain and void, and you spend the rest of the week just... existing.

I guess as time goes by, the relationship develops and it changes from "just dating" to "more than just dating". People get closer and their lives are more intertwined. You meet his friends, and now they are your friends too. You meet his family, and now you are included in the Christmas shopping list.

You are no longer just you. You are now, the 2 of you.

-- Banksy's Jack and Jill

I guess as time goes by, the dust has settled and you are comfortable with each other. I know I can wake up and walk around with pouffy hair and J will still hang around. We are just happy to spend time together. We are still excited over a simple lunch date.

-- Little did Prince Charming knew that he was getting Snow White AND all 7 of the dwarves. And all the woodland creatures.

How does an increasingly tightknit/close relationship get easier when one leaves is beyond me.

"Things get easier and you'll get used to it."

It doesn't. I'm still not used to it. I fold away his laundry but he's not here physically. His belongings are still lying around the place. His boat books are still sitting on my shelf. But he's not here.

How will it ever get easier?

-- Look who's the one who went shopping.

We didn't do touristy stuff this time, more on boring things like grocery shopping. [Although we really have to visit the Night Safari next time.] I really enjoyed the whole domestic bliss thing we've got going here. If he remembers the special orange juice (with pulp!!) I like, he must love me right?

Oh, he cooks and cleans (somewhat). So I'm very convinced I have great taste in men.

Back to long distance relationship.

Mmmm I think I'm a magnet for complicated relationships. 3 long distance relationships. 3 different nationalities. 3 different time zones. Sheesh!

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