Friday, October 31, 2008

Hi from Hanoi.

I'm in Hanoi all cooped up in my room typing my 900th post. It has been raining without stop since last night and I'm not kidding. The streets are slippery and muddy. My shoes are caked in mud and we have ordered almost all the items in the room service menu.

Oh, I have a motherfrigging cold since last night and I don't have pills. Amd ot's raining too heavily for me to navigate Old Quarter's alleys to find some sort of Red Cross signs, universal symbol for pharmacies. Woe is me!!!

Just wanna say hi from Hanoi.

From J and I.

p.s. J doesn't know I'm writing. Every room comes with free broadband ready computers. Rocks!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The "I'm still alive" post.

I know I'm really crappy at this consistent writing and posting business. J is here so my days are pretty busy.

Going to work, meeting for lunch dates, wondering what's for dinner and making/buying dinner. Oh and putting together some Ikea furniture. And I haven't even started on the 'idyllic stroll' through luscious landscapes like the malls nearby.

Yeah we're doing very homely stuff at the minute and I'm not sure if anyone wants to read about it. Barfalicious.

Anyhoo I'll try to update. Even if it's pictures of things I want very badly. Like shoes. F*cking temptations I tell ya.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

All my savings are belong to bills.

In my applaudable yet somewhat misguided attempt to save money, I ended up blowing about $1000 on clothes last 2 months.

Actually make that $1000++++++. 

Needless to say, Operation Scrooge has gone horribly pear-shaped.

-- Tiny Tim won in the end.

I bought affordable clothes, most of which were under $90. It is really not a big deal if I just buy 1 a month. The thing is, I bought more than 1.

I reasoned that it's better to spend $90 on clothes than on a good meal. I can wear the pretty dress more than once and it will last me for at least a few years. I feel better about myself, definitely more confident, I stand up straight and the world is a brighter place full of babies' laughter and unicorns.

[Plus, I rocked the hairband look a la Blair Waldorf for 2 weeks. Until the stupid hairband gave me a headache.]

-- Blair is my heroine.

$90 on 1 meal on the other hand gives you 60 minutes of gastronomic nirvana but you poop it out within 24 hours or less. Honestly not the best way to blow $90.

[This is the first time I have typed the word "pooped" as a verb in my post and it's making me all kinds of uncomfortable putting it into words. Ugh.]

I thought it was one of those "you spend money now, but you'll save a lot in the long run" kinda thing. Plus now that the economy is in the crapper, buying more affordable things makes sense, right?

Plus a Burberry-ish coat complete with gold shiny buttons is a classic purchase. It is timeless. So it's absolutely worth it and doesn't count.

Just like the black DVF-ish wrapdress that fits me to a T.

Even brand name dresses don't fit as well.

-- I still *heart* you DVF! Even though I'd unintentionally flash half my boobs to the world in your USD$320 dress.

It's either too long or the neckline looks all wrong. So it is absolutely worth it, and doesn't count as frivolous spending either. 

But I am missing the point entirely. What the f*ck am I doing, spending all that money on cheaply manufactured pieces of polyester/cotton sewn together?! The world is on the brink of collapsing, wedding bells are ringing in 2009 and I have my first home to think about.

I guess this post is just a reminder of my folly. Life cannot suck anymore than this.

Wait, actually it can. I'm going on a vacation to Hanoi with J. Uh-oh.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When art thou returning to telly, Scrubs Season 8?

I'm a super big Scrubs fan. And I don't mean I'm fat nor do I like Scrubs in large size. I love Scrubs.


I love Cox and I don't mean it like Elliot "I hate Cox" chatroom but opposite (1:08min into it).

And then which show had this?

Awesomer! Can't wait for Season 8 to be back!

Bride Wars for ideas.

I'm looking forward to this.

Bride Wars. Maybe I can get ideas for my own. Wedding, not war.

Cat fights!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

10 Things Men Don't Know About Women - Part 6.

  1. We really appreciate your input when we’re planning for a vacation/ wedding/ first home purchase/ gift for your grandma. Really. We're not Bridezilla nor controlling trolls who don't value your constructive opinion. It is YOUR vacation/ wedding/ first home purchase/ gift for your grandma too, right? So please tear yourself away from the PS3 and contribute. It's a huge sacrifice, we know. 

  2. Despite our strong, independent strictly-business front, we are at a loss when you get down on 1 knee for THE ALL IMPORTANT QUESTION.

  3. Even men swoon when they hear about you getting down on 1 knee for THE ALL IMPORTANT QUESTION.

  4. It is very sweet of you to announce to the sales assistant/ cashier/ Starbucks barista that your fiancee is the boss around here. Even though we both know that's not true.

  5. We know the economy is bad. So when you said we should get a PS3 so we would stay in and play games to save money, we went along with it. Just do the same for us when we rationalise new shoes/clothes that are considerably CHEAPER compared to our past purchases.

  6. We love small gestures of PDA. Holding hands, little pecks and hugs just mean you love us enough to do them in public. 'Full on making out' category of PDA? Let's not, shall we?

  7. We don't like tattoos. It's, for a lack of a better word, stupid and likely to be a drunken mistake. Now it looks ok but we're not optimistic when you age and skin sags.

  8. We don't like piercings. Are you mad at the world? Or does that tongue piercing mean you are enthusiastic about something? We don't get it. It's, for a lack of a better word, stupid and likely to be a drunken mistake.

  9. It's ok if you are friends with your ex on Facebook.

  10. It's not ok if she keeps leaving messages on your Wall, poking you or tagging you as 'the love of her life' or 'the one who got away' on your photos. I We kill for things like this.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Purple Marc Jacobs dress - lovesit.

A little late but I loved the Marc by Marc Jacobs Purple dress.

To my shriekish girlie delight, I found the dress on the island! And that delight gave way to utter horror when I looked like a walking tent.

Despite the cool striking colors (purple!) I looked overwhelmed. A good thing too, since the world economy is tumbling like a house of cards and I should really save towards my wedding and first home. Damn it.

-- Omg omg it says Marc by Marc Jacobs on the plaid pattern!!

Le sigh.

So I went ahead and bought shoes in the same color scheme for just $9.90. Bargain hunting rocks!

The dress is available at Net-A-Porter for $469 for all you MJ fans. Viva la Marc Jacobs!

Marc Jacobs script plaid dress - Net-A-Porter

Much love for Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

I have much love for Carla Bruni-Sarkozy!

Aside from her beauty, she has character and a personality.

Why can't other First Ladies be as interesting as Carla? First Ladies are prim and proper, chair of numerous charities and very often, the women behind their successful husbands as the very expense of their identities. (Except Cherie Blair and maybe Hillary Clinton.)

The silent women in the shadow of their husbands who have put aside aspirations and the life they once had because their husbands became head of states.

Along came Carla Bruni. It's refreshing to see one who really doesn't care what everyone else thinks of her personal life, releases an album and met the Queen.

I wonder how long it will take for First Ladies to claim their lives back, sing or continue to practise law/ medicine/ teach in schools/ continue their jobs.

Until then, much love for Carla!

Non-wallflower Cherie Blair - Wikipedia entry
"outspoken, retreated and later rose out of the ashes as Presidential Canditate" Hillary Clinton - Wikipedia entry

{What other people thought on the issue}
Carla Bruni VS The American First Lady - Article
Sex Doesn't Always Sell - Newsweek article
First Diva - Slate article

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

An escape to Hanoi - In the making.

Despite work being a magnificent b*tch that feeds on my vital (<-- LOL!) life energies, I have no choice but to keep plodding on because it pays the bills. Cest la vie.

But sometimes, it all comes to a head and you just go "that's it. I'm done." Monday was one of those days.

Call it red tape or security policy, my job requires me to verify all kinds of approval and authorization before I proceed. This is after all a government agency and we are accountable for every single thing. I am accountable for every little friggin' thing. I chose not to bend the rules for Indian B*tch because funds were involved. Funds being taxpayers' money.

-- Is that a gift?

She basically emailed my clients and bosses about how 'inefficient' I am, stating in the email she had reminded me time after time to proceed without approval. Of course my spineless management chose not to defend me because "the customer, no matter how unreasonable, is always right."

After being backstabbed by Indian Bitch first thing on Monday morning, I have given up on work and hell bound on taking a week off from work to go on vacation.

I want to go to Hanoi, Vietnam.

I plan to live like a friggin queen.

-- Sofitel Metropole, you shall be my humble home.

Sip alcoholic drinks in the afternoon by the pool.

-- Hello Mojitos!

Enjoy the sights of Ha Long Bay on a junk boat.

Move to another kick ass hotel just because I can.

-- Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake. Looks absolutely fab!

All I need now is a Visa card, electronic leave application, and J's passport to get him a tourist visa.

Let's see if I can make it Hanoi October 2008!

TripAdvisor - always reliable
Sofitel Metropole Hanoi - Official website
Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake - Official website
Ha Long Bay - Wikipedia entry

Monday, October 06, 2008

Nothing as absolute as death.

It was one of the gloomiest lunch I've had.

One of dad's employees, Q had been hospitalised for slightly over 2 weeks. I don't know Q but he has worked at dad's shop since I was little, so my brother and I had met him when we popped by dad's shop when we were little.

The doctor told him of he had lost his fight to cancer and he had 3-4 days to go. And that was Thursday. I found out when I went home to see mom and dad, and they visited him at the hospital.

News spread and family and friends turned up to say their goodbyes. On Sunday, 2 sales reps from another company in another state drove all the way to visit him at the hospital. They were asked to wait outside the ward with the rest of his family. I guess the doctors were removing tubes, cleaning up before he left for home. When everyone went in, Q was unconscious and the family proceeded to take him home at his request.

Mom and dad waited at home for them to host them while they were in town, seeing that the poor fellas didn't know where to go while the family made plans for Q to be discharged. They wanted to see him at Q's home. We took them to a late lunch. We ordered and ate, at the same time waiting for a phone call that could go either way. It was depressing and all gloomy. It felt like we were occupying ourselves with something while bracing for bad news, the finality of death.

About an hour later, lunch was over and dad stood up to pay. Dad came back and sat down, and his phone rang. It was Q's number. A sense of foreboding overcame us. We fell silent and we knew he had left.

While I couldn't explain the doom and gloom. I sympathise his wife and 4 children. I guess it is never a good day to wait for something as certain as death.

I *heart* NY, with a twist.

The ubiquitous "I love NY" t-shirt. It's cheesy but fun.

-- My brother has one.

I have never been to NY and I would love to visit one day. And it seems silly if I put on a "I love NY" t-shirt when I have never set foot in the city.

But I have this.

It's called Honest-T. Coolio! It is no longer available at the last time I checked. But you can get it from here.

If only I can find this.

Awesome t-shirt designs -
I "have never been to NY" t-shirt - available at
Random facts about I *heart* NY - Wikipedia entry

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Funny Iron Man t-shirt rocks!

This is a freaking cool t-shirt and I'm thinking of getting it for J. Or my brother.

They like Iron Man, so Iron Man in his man-knickers ironing his stretchy superhero pants works as well, right?

If a superhero can iron his own clothes, so can the 2 men under my roof. It makes perfect sense.

Iron man t-shirt - Price: $18.99 from Fusilly
Iron man origami - Geekologie reader

Friday, October 03, 2008

We're gonna have a good day.

Nappy Roots - Good Day

We're gonna have a good day
and all my homies gonna ride today
and all these mommies look fly today
and the only one we wanna do is get by today heyyy,

we're gonna have a good day
and ain't nobody gotta cry today
cause ain't nobody gonna die today
save that trouble for another day heyyy

we're gonna have a good day

TGIF!!!! Yup we're all gonna have a good day. Work, sucky people and all the nonsense in the world can just shove it. Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just another rambling update.

I haven't been posting since.. some time ago because I can't focus.

I'm alright, in 1 single piece and my arms are still very much attached onto my torso. It's a public holiday so I got a huge sleep in. I'd rather roll from the warm end of the bed to the cool side repeatedly than to get out and do something. That's the thing. What am I going to do anyway?

I have been trying to find a place for the reception. I don't want to have it in a hotel because I don't want a ballroom with over the top deco. I don't want a fantastic restaurant that is smacked in the middle of a shopping mall. "Warm, intimate and casual yet contemporary setting" doesn't seem that demanding, does it? But it is. I have a few choices in mind, but I'm not sure if they serve Asian-Western food. I don't think Grandma is very keen on steak. Then again, a customized menu would definitely come at a jacked up price.

-- Something this simple is apparently hard to find.

And the economy. Yikes aren't we messed up now. With the economy going south, I'm wondering if I should have been smarter with money. Can J and I afford a wedding AND a home next year? I'm a little more than worried.

Was distracted by F1 night race and trying to rally enough people to congregate at a sports bar for a beer + steak filled F1 evening. As expected, people responded with the "I'm not sure if I can make it but please count me in when you book a table". I just put the news out and ignored the rest, whether they showed up or not because people are just 'too busy to show up' these days.

And a friend was being a total dick. It was the Friday of the F1 weekend and traffic was terrible due to road closures. I was due to pick him at a train station before heading to town to meet another friend. I was stuck in traffic, couldn't pick up his call because douchebags kept trying to cut into my lane without indicating. When I called and texted back, I didn't get any reply. And I had to find out from the other friend that he had left the train station because I didn't show up.

What a f*cker. I was 15 minutes late and now I'm the bad guy? I'm done accomodating non-appreciative assholes.

Anyhoo life is positively crappy and I'm not sure when I'll be able to write coherent posts again.

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