Thursday, January 08, 2009

All I got for Christmas.

All I got for Christmas...

were a fish tank and some rocks.

This year, J has managed to outgift himself. I got a fish tank, some 'live' corals and weird looking sand. 'Live' corals because they aren't bleached and white like dead corals, and manage to look nothing like these. They just sit like rocks.

-- This is not what I got.

Here's the back story. We go to lunch together when J is in town, and we would sit next to the sunken garden under the tree to admire the fishies till my lunch break is over. We do this at least twice a week.

-- It is a beautiful little pond. Real photo.

J thought that since I adore fish gazing, a saltwater fish tank with colorful fish and Nemos would be the perfect present. Awwwwwwww I think it's sweet.

On Boxing Day, we went to the pet shop to pick fish for the aquarium. J had set up the tank a few days earlier so the water would settle. Something about temperature, acidity and bacteria in the water.

There were so many creatures in the shop and I didn't know what to do. Should I get some aquatic plants? How about a starfish? What kind of fish are we getting? How many? Do I want an actual coral to go with the fish?

Jebus Christ.

In the end, the pet shop man picked 2 little fellas and we went home immediately, driving ever so carefully in case the fish get car sick. [Can fish get car sick?] Too much rolling around stresses them and they die. Silly Fragile creatures.

May I present,
Sushi and Sashimi.

Sashimi is the pretty yellowtail and Sushi is black and white one. You know, white like rice?

-- Sushi

But J should know I'm terrible with living things. Plants DIE in my care on more than 1 occasion. I feared for my pet Sushi and Sashimi.

-- Sashimi!

We're messed up fabulous pet owners. We've decided to call our dog Kitty should we ever get one, and if we get bigger fish, we're calling them Fish and Chips.

[We are very easily amused. And with our talent for names, our child(ren) will have hours of 'fun' at the playground.]

Then on Sunday, something terrible happened.

Sushi was harassing Sashimi a lot. It was chasing Sashimi and Sashimi was nervous. Sashimi would hide between the rocks and the black and white jerk of a fish would come and terrorize it. We put Sushi in solitary confinement (in the little fishing net) hoping that Sashimi will relax and come out from its hiding place.

The little net somehow dropped and Sushi was able to escape while J and I were away for a fab wedding dinner. (Another story.)

Come night time, Sashimi was floating upside down near another rock, its brilliant blue fading from its little body.

I guess Sushi terrify Sashimi and the poor little thing died of stress and possibly, nervous breakdown.

-- Sushi rules the tank for now.

1 fish tank, 4 rocks and 1 death for Christmas. I miss my little blue fish. =(

Yellowtail damsel - info

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