Monday, January 05, 2009

The first few hours of 2009.

I spent the first few hours of 2009 throwing up, falling asleep in the club's loo and a few hundred dollars on alcohol.

It sounded like a total blast of a party, didn't it?

My New Year was an absolute crapfest.

A couple of my friends were very enthusiastic about spending the last day of 2008 together. The same ol' setup. Dinner and drinks at a club till we're kinda smashed as we usher in 2009. Sounds good to me any day.

Thing is, these 3 jokers don't know each other. The WoW guy wanted me to organise something so he can 'befriend' my single girl friends and hopefully revive his love life. The Single Girl was ok with making new friends. So being the Super Friend of the Year, I was tasked to put together dinner-booze fest for New Year's Eve.

It was NOT easy. Calling around all the partying hotspots in town while trying to look hard at work is not simple. After 2 days, and many phone calls later, I secured a table at Zirca. The newest club in town with trapeze, contortionists and sexy dancers in nurses outfits.

I had witnessed the dancing nurses at a stag piss-up. True story.

It is fairly common for clubbers to get a table before actually showing up here on the island. We're all way too old and feeble grown up and careless with our spending to stand in line outside a club trying to get in. With a table (minimum spending of at least $200), you and your friends can saunter all the way to the VIP entrance while 18 year olds look on in jealousy. Queues are so 2005.

Everyone was excited. I paid the deposit on the table after securing the minimum head count. I was so looking forward to a wild time while I toasted 2009 with mango bellinis.

31 December swung by. J and I were getting ready to go out with 3 out of the 7 confirmed guests called to tell me the following:
  • I have a cold. I'm napping and I'll call to let you know if I can show up for drinks later
  • I have a headache from my monthly girl problems. I'll call to let you know if I can show up for drinks later
  • I left my power adapter in JB. I have to go home to get it. I can't make it anymore.

The WoW Guy who wanted to know more girls, actually chose NOT to go to a party just to go home to JB to get his power adapter.

Seriously, WTF!?

I think they are being jerks. Especially the WoW Guy.

In the end, I called the other 2 friends and they managed to bring 2 friends to join. It was NOT a good night. As minutes went by, I could no longer taste the vodka in my vodka cranberry. I was downing the drinks because "cranberry juice tastes yummy."

I fell asleep in the loo.
Was later found by worried friends and rescued by J, who braved the ladies to get me out.
Puked VERY often while we made our way to the cab line.
Puked VERY often while we made our way to the nearest hotels because said cab line was a block long with no cabs in sight.
Fell asleep in the hotel's lobby while J checked in.

2009 did not start the way I planned it. I hope that's not a sign of things to come. Frick.

Zirca - official site

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