Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Of Facebook and work.

What do you do when your project manager adds you as a friend on Facebook?

It is at THIS PRECISE MOMENT I remember why I've disabled my "Add as friend" function in Facebook. It's for situations like these.

I'm at least 3 rungs down the stupid corporate ladder and I have zero intention of sharing my Bali photos or ANY kinda personal information with my superiors.

Am I "Addicted to Battlestar Galactica"?
How many times do I Superpoke my friends?
What kind of "Growing Gifts" do I send?

I believe NONE of that is any of the company's business.

I do not believe in adding friends whom I have zero intention of sharing my personal life with. If we didn't share more than 10 sentences while we were back in school, I'm pretty sure that we have even less to say to each other 10 years after graduation.

They may be nice people but what's the point of adding friends to your list if you don't make the effort to call once in a while to see how they are doing? Facebook friends are nothing but a number. 372 friends? Really? It is nothing but a number some people value because it shows how well-connected and popular they think they are.

I am very apprehensive about opening up to people, especially colleagues, strangers and my superiors. You never know what's going to happen say, after they've gone through 6 photo albums chronicling every single salacious details of that stag party you attended.

Hasn't anyone read about this? Or this?

Why would anyone put themselves in such a situation if employers have difficulty separating employees' professional and personal lives? It's like giving a baby a gun. You never know if the baby is going to shoot you.

I should be a hermit.

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Sleepy Scott said...


As you know, it is never a good thing to mix your personal and work worlds, but I don't advise becoming a hermit. It isn't any fun.

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