Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To splurge or not to splurge.

I'm very hands-on on the upcoming wedding, because I'm not going to chuck thousands of dollars at a wedding planner who is going to have my wedding details laid out by me anyway and mostly because it's not very prudent to chuck thousands of dollars at her in economic times like this. So I'm scouring websites for DIY tips and ideas.

-- Awesome ideas.

Martha, I'll make you proud with all my spreadsheets!!

Like one hit wonder Natalie Imbruglia, I'm torn.

[From my favouritest tv show, Scrubs! Season 8 is back!!]

How much do people spend on their wedding rings? The one they are going to exchange and wear FOREVER.

Some people on the forums spend mere hundreds for 2 rings, while others spend thousands. One question, how do you just spend a few hundred dollars for 2 rings? Are they made of plasticine or something? Because the last time I looked, even decent 925 silver ones cost at least a few hundred dollars each.

I'm not about to buy a plastic one just because the economy is bad and I'm saving money.

J and I thought about getting the matching bands that go with the engagement ring. The price is a little steep. I told J about it and being the sweet accommodating person that he is, said he's ok with either options. Now, we're both confused.

-- I'm. Speechless. Need. Bling. Now.

It makes sense to buy a more affordable one for now, and when our bank account balance comes out of its bulimic state, we'll buy the matching ones. We are paying for the entire wedding so we are micromanaging our finances right now.

Thing is, how do you trade up to the new ones? Just walk in, pay up and then slip off the cheaper rings we exchanged in front of our friends and family?

I'm wearing this FOREVER.
Shouldn't I get something that means forever?
Shouldn't we wear the rings we exchanged forever?

This "trading up" business ruins the romance and symbolism of the ceremony.

To splurge or not to splurge, that is the question.



Anonymous said...

if ya want, i can intro ya my fren working in the jewellery shop. =)

Rach said...

mmmm do i know u?

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