Thursday, February 05, 2009

An act of kindness.

I witnessed an act of kindness today.

On my way back from lunch (or lackthereof long story) with J, I saw a lady walked towards the grandma outside Crystal Jade. The Grandma is a permanent fixture outside Crystal Jade, where she sells handmade malt candy out of the little pot. She's very old and hunched over. It isn't much of a stall, just a small mat outside the dumplings franchise and a little pot of candy.

-- obviously lifted off the web

The lady called out to her, Grandma raised her head with much effort, breaking into a smile. I guess the lady must be a regular customer. The lady slipped a red packet to Grandma and rubbed her back before she left. It is heartwarming to know that kind people still exist in this frantic world where everyone is always in a rush to be somewhere else.

I feel bad for being a sucky human being now. What act of kindness have I done today?

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