Monday, February 02, 2009

We should be so terrified of ants.

Fracking ants!

Just when we thought they are just irritating little bugs crawling around the sink that you can easily squished, they go ahead and do that. A cousin of the common house ants known as Bullet ants, has been given the highest rating on the Schimdt Sting Pain Index because it's as if you got shot.

Russians got devoured. Indy got spooked, so should we.

I give it 250 years till the insect world come up with a weapon to zap humans to extinction. Or they just have to figure out killing is a team sport and tag team with other insects to render a prey, say human, paralyzed indefinitely while a gazillion of ants swarm the poor guy and slowly devour him alive. Shudder.

Invest in Baygon.

Ants - Wikipedia

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