Wednesday, March 11, 2009

8 months to go.

8 months till the Big Day.

I am not hiring a wedding planner so I have to do everything myself. It is exciting to plan a happy event your closest and dearest are attending. You want everything to be special and perfect.

-- Swoon

Which is why I've been buying wedding magazines for research.

It is absolutely fantastic when you buy your first wedding magazine. The dresses, decorations, invitations and flowers just blow my mind. I want(ed) lanterns, bird cages, scattered rose petals and parasols and the whole nine yards to make the event special.

-- Double swoon.

Then reality strikes.

[Damn you Martha Stewart Weddings!]

You have to find a vendor, haggle prices and give clear and precise instructions to the vendor and the venue manager to put said lanterns up. And this still means that things can go wrong. Lanterns are cheap, but labour isn't.

Parasols are $10 a piece, so if you have 50 people attending, you are stuck with a $500 bill (before taxes and delivery charges) for 50 bloody paper umbrellas that you are not going to use after the event.

So pretty, yet such a waste. Sigh.

I've decided on a little personal touch, and being cheapo thrifty, it became a little DIY project. I'm cutting 120 butterflies.

Jebus christ.

Mistake number 1: I forgot to copy the image, flip it left to right to COMPLETE the entire butterfly. I've printed all 90 HALF BUTTERFLIES on construction paper. Fuk.

[I ran out of construction paper so I only printed 90 out of 120. Lucky?]

Mistake number 2: Decided to fix Mistake 1 but folding construction paper in half so I'll cut 1 WHOLE butterfly. Realised construction paper too thick. Butterfly came out wrong.

Mistake number 3: Decided to fix Mistake 2 by tracing outline of butterfly onto the construction paper. It was fun and easy for the first 10, but no so fun for the remaining 80.

I swear my fingers lock up after snipping 20 or so of these things. And I'm only at 90 or so butterflies since starting in November (don't ask).

8 months more to go. More shenanigans to follow.

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