Saturday, March 14, 2009

Facebook changes its homepage to be Twitter.

I just logged in to Facebook and guess what, the homepage has been changed. AGAIN.

Because Facebook can't buy Twitter.

C'mon f*cking Facebook. You just revamped your layout and service much to the dismay of your users. It blew up in your face and you had to publicly apologize. Even though you weren't going to revert to the old layout.

It's like every freaking new edition of Microsoft Office. They change the positions of the buttons, add new and unnecessary features, take away what is useful and alienate their customers who have supported them over the years. People keep going back to you because of familiarity and the gradual ease of use. They have gotten over the learning curve and is comfortable and competent now. And now you throw them back into the deep end? Way to treat your customers.

-- Can I help you? How about disappear?

And then there was that Facebook's Terms and Conditions scandal. Remember that Mark?
On February 4, Facebook revised its Terms of Service, a document it is legally permitted to update AT ANY TIME WITHOUT INFORMING USERS. Users demonstrate tacit acceptance of the Terms by continuous use of the site.

That means that the terms keep changing even though they are not the ones we originally signed on for or agreed to. Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) was preparing to file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over the social network's updated licenses.

Facebook, we are Facebook users and not Twitter's for a reason. We don't really want to know what's on their mind 24/7.

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the entire Facebook team, be original and beat Twitter at its game. Outshine it, not f*cking emulate it!

Facebook, you are pissing everyone off.

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