Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grad Student is such a pain.

Grad Student has become one of the greatest jerks of all time.

With the upcoming nuptials and The Greatest Tragedy that struck J and I, I haven't been too concerned about office personalities and politics of late.

I haven't had much friendly chats with anyone, nor confide in colleagues about The Greatest Tragedy because I see no point in it.

Guess what happened?

  • Grad Student boycotts me,
  • instigates the rest of his mod squad to do the same,
  • being a total prick when it comes to work responsibilities (i.e. surfing soccer sites and not responding to a single email).

It doesn't bother me because I've got more than enough crap going on to deal with, but it sucks for common friends to have to choose.

This isn't primary school, nor is it very grown up. If friends join me for lunch breaks, Grad Student sees it as change in 'allegiance' and starts being mean and snide.

This is highly unprofessional and horrid coming from a colleague.

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