Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Things I Learnt From Sex and the City (the movie).

I enjoy Sex and the City - The Movie. It's girls being crazy together, drinking margaritas in fancy dresses from resort collections that cater to people with loads of money.

If you ever wonder why girls go the the washroom in a horde pairs, it's camaraderie.

-- All the colors of the rainbow.

But there were times during the movie when I wished the world were this perfect.

Miranda has awesome employer who understand work/life balance. Otherwise it is almost impossible to meet for a decent meal in the middle of the day at a poshy restaurant in that outfit. I transform into a mad woman by 11am. My hair does not look like this.

-- Apparently my office has something against cleavage.

Plus "I need to take urgent leave to fly off to Mexico for a friend" is totally understandable. Awesome employers will value friendship more than money.

-- All for a friend.

It is acceptable to shriek in a poshy restaurant when your gal pal is engaged after dating the guy for 10 years.

Carrie has heaps of clothes and bags and fashion knick knacks. And they all magically fit in her tiny walk in wardrobe.

-- They all go there.

My employer will buy me a Louis Vuitton bag because I love it and I'm too poor to afford one.

To beat other applicants, tell your interviewer you came to the city for love. The Harvard grad can suck it.

Labels and love. If a scumbag stomps all over your poor wretched heart, a beautiful Chanel bag and DVF dress will ease the pain.

You will make it big in NYC. If Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte can jet set, it can't be that hard for the rest of us. And guys, if you want to end up with a glamourous lady, you need to be earning a fair bit or has a very cushy trust fund to finance her weekly Manolos therapy.

-- I must admit it is gorgeous.

Vivienne Westwood will give you an exquisite wedding dress if you look ravishing in it.

Pronovias or Vera Wang people, if you are reading this, I will be radiant in your dresses. Please send me one.

Love, eternal gratitude and forever a fan of yours,

Pronovias - Official website
Vera Wang Weddings - Official website

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