Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I dislike Dan from Gossip Girl.

I'm suffering Gossip Girl withdrawals and even started watching the show all over again. From Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 1.

I don't know what's worse: watching it from the start, or telling the whole world I'm doing that.

After watching the entire season 1 of Gossip Girl about 2.5 times, I've concluded for a couple of thousand times that Dan is a very very dislikable character.

[Spoiler: Season 2 more than strengthens this observation.]

Why I Dislike Dan.

1. Outing his sister's boyfriend.

Dan despises people who contributes to Gossip Girl, disregarding them as nothing but hateful gossipmongers who have nothing better to do than to spread rumours while he buries his face in King Lear.

And yet he outs his sister's boyfriend to Gossip Girl because Little J refuses to listen to him.

Hypocrite rating: 3 out of 5 yogurt splats on the steps

2. Making out with another girl after fighting with his girlfriend

Dan and Serena has a fight about a video clip and her mysterious behaviour. Dan walks off straight into the company of Sarah (aka Georgina) and the 2 spends a night in his room. Fight and make out session happen on the same day.

Hypocrite rating: 3 out of 5 yogurt splats on the steps

3. Blaming Serena for his make out session

The 2 decides to talk it out. Serena says she's willing to let the make out thing go. Then Dan starts telling Serena how things are not working out because of all her lies, regardless of her intentions. (Serena previously lied about sleeping with someone else to hide the truth about the video.)

Dan broke up with Serena at her mom's wedding. Seriously, you can't find a better time?

Walking away from each other = cool off. Mmmm so making out with another girl makes it even? Making out with another girl while still being in a relationship (sort of) is ok?

Hypocrite rating: 4 out of 5 yogurt splats on the steps

4. Outsider on the inside

Dan is the guy who has been on the outside since... he started schooling. To be accepted by his peers in school because of Serena makes him uncomfortable. Despite his repeated "oh gawd I can't stand these rich and famous kids and all the attention they get", he still attends every single social event. Even bringing guests of his own like Vanessa, who also shares Dan's disdain for the UES kids.

-- Wow look at how lame the UES kids are!

Dan whines about the overpriviledged but secretly enjoys the perks of the super influential. Can someone say hypocrite?

Dan and Vanessa belong together.

Hypocrite rating: 5 out of 5 yogurt splats on the steps

5. Pompous nerd

Dan is one of the brightest students on the show/ St Jude's. And I don't think he hides it. He's always throwing offbeat literary references when he's talking to his friends. Serena knows Chanel, not Chauncer.

-- Wow, we read!

It's as if he can't beat the priviledged at legacy and preferential treatments, so he uses his intellect to trump the rich kids. When you can't win, join them with your preferred weapon. Dan, you're no different from the rest.

Hypocrite rating: 3 out of 5 yogurt splats on the steps

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