Thursday, April 30, 2009

People look at us funny.

I guess this post is breaking up the string of wedding related posts but it's something I have to get off my chest.

I consider myself a fairly traditional person despite quite a bit of my personal choices and actions. Yes I may not know how to cook authentic Chinese food, I kind of ran off to Spain for a week and I don't stay with my parents. These, of course, exasperate my poor parents. But I love and respect them. The whole Confucianism filial piety moral decency thing. Whatever you want to call it.

I find it insulting and in poor taste when strangers give J and I a second look. Yes he's Caucasian and I'm Chinese. We may not share the same skin color. We don't share the same heritage. But we love each other.

People look at us funny and well mostly, condescending. J is assumed to be a highly paid expatriate who is just fooling around with an Asian girl. And I'm the willing party because I'm shallow and wants his money and citizenship elsewhere. I'm the enemy. I'm the sellout.

Honestly it baffles me why people are still so hung up on interracial relationship. The city is a melting pot where men and women from different parts of the world converge. This is just rude and unbelievable in such a metropolitan city.

Is this happening elsewhere?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lavender bridesmaid dress.

I am head over heels over these gorgeous ethereal dresses!

Remember my color palette dilemma?

Lavender is sooooooo on my list.

I don't mind buying 1 extra dress just for me!

Amsale - Official site

Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking fab as we go up in flames.

Perhaps it's a gift Someone Up There gave me to deal with crap that are strewn generously in my life, but I always climb out of despair and discontent by surrounding myself with all the beautiful material things I find on the internet.

It's as if beautiful shoes and clothes repel evil.

Oh. My. God.

Simply too pretty for words. All items are from Christian Louboutin.

Now that J and I are merging households, I wonder how he feels about $1000 heels that brings joy to his soon-to-be bride. For the wedding of course. I should call him.

My new motto for the year:
if all else fails, at least look fabulous as we all go up in flames.

Christian Louboutin - Official site

Disillusioned at work - part 4892.

there comes a time in your life when you decide to say 'fuckitall' to the whole corporate farce.

i think my time is approaching.

people are leaving and they are not hiring. employer is king. they screw around with your roster and role 3 times in 4 months. your manager and team leader don't talk to you and you find out when your peer approaches you about may's roster. may is this coming friday!

they tell you work on saturdays are minimal but in the last 4 months, almost every saturday is an urgent upgrade/ maintenance/ deployment. so yeah you work on saturdays now without pay.

a colleague gently compares us with prostitutes. then our managers must be pimps who whore our services and get a big cut of the fee while they tell us we have to "work off our debt".

such a scam.

i'm so disillusioned.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Color palette for my wedding - 1.

I need help.

With about 6 months to go, there are about a gazillion things I need to sort out for the wedding. Like what goes on the invitation, fonts (seriously cuz there's no way in hell I'm using Times New Roman like some people), seating plan, bridesmaids' dresses, flowers (peonies or hydrangeas or both?) etc.

And 1 advice. Try not to read too many magazines or wedding blogs. My ideas change every other day and so does my budget. You'll realise that there are too many pretty things out there to include in your wedding.

Can someone please advise me on the colors? What do you think?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The return of the nail polish.

I have gone back to painting my nails. I bought a bottle of OPI Bubble Bath and decided to give it a shot.

-- It's pretty! and J likes it.

Yes, I'm not a Pulitzer contender so I'll go back to writing about nail polish now.

I remembered the first time I painted them in uni. For some reason, I decided to be a girly girl (inner calling?). I bought a bottle of nail polish from the supermarket and went home feeling excited.

The end result?

It took me HOURS to paint 10 fingernails. I would try, it would turn out uneven and I would paint over it. And they would smudge, or I'd end up painting the side of my fingers. I tried to remove the tiny smudges and to my horror, wisps of cotton from the cotton pads would stick to my fingers.

Wiped off and repeated.

I swore I almost fainted from the noxious fumes.

So dear fellas, it's not easy being a girl!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I love Tiffany Keys.

I think I'm in love.

The key to the future. To dreams. To happily ever after.

I want 1!!!! How I wish I were 21!

Wedding things are beautiful.

Now that the wedding planning is in full swing, there are so many beautiful things that I want to include in the wedding. 

Seriously why haven't I read more about weddings before this? Oodles of pretty EVERYWHERE. It makes me swoon and melt. Beautiful wedding things make me happy.

Like this dress.

It's ruffly and oh-so-pretty. It's larger than life and it's THE princess ballgown look young girls have been dreaming of.

And the veil.

Mmmmmm doesn't it look romantic?

I love classic beauty. I love wedding things so much I wish it had been my career!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm in the gloom.

I havent been writing for ages. I have nothing to doodle about. I'm reduced to writing not-so-funny posts about movies and cartoons that caught my attention for the day.

life sucks a lot at the minute. i'm disillusioned about work. depressing things happened over the weekend. my kindy friend's dad passed away.

truth be told, i can no longer write about my day at work. it has come to a point when my privacy has been invaded. i'm tired of censoring myself at work, and the thought of censoring my thoughts off-work is just too tiring. i always looked forward to ranting into the cyber-void. it's like yelling into space. no one can hear you. but not anymore.

i'm so tired of minding my words when i'm off work. it's my fucking time for crying out loud.

oh im sort of over punctuation for the time being.

peace love and here's to hoping i snap out of this gloom (i've been watching Day Watch and Night Watch on repeat) soon.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Things Snow White should be more careful about.

One of my all time favourite cartoons is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

-- Classic beauty who talks to animals

The first feature length Disney animation is without a doubt the purest and most ingenious masterpiece.

Snow White personifies the most innocent and probably most unsuspecting character of all time, committing numerous no-nos according to modern standards.

1. Love at first sight.

Well it still happens but she was totally head over heels with tights wearing, crooning adult male who just scaled her backyard wall.

Maybe she wanted love and affection since we all know the Queen is too besotted with her own beauty to care for her stepdaughter.

-- Tell me I'm beautiful or imma going to smash you

In modern times, any strange man who climbs over your backyard wall, especially if you're a teenage girl minding your own business, do not hesitate to scream, Twitter the trespass and call the cops. In no particular order. If the phone has been cut off, at least your online friends know. Falling in love with a potential criminal who just scaled your wall is just too Stockholm Syndrome-y to be accepted in today's society.

2. Home invasion

After befriending all the woodland creatures that she met, Snow White was led by the animals to the dwarves' home. It's an impressive cottage, considering that it was built in the forest by very short men.

-- No noon sun. Surrounded by greenery and private pond. Enquire within.

Snow White goes into the home, commands the animals to help clean up the shack, which one would have to agree is filthy. (If only we humans can convince the animal kingdom to clean up after us. We can put men on the moon but not train animals to clean homes. Pfft.)

She cleans, makes fun of their names, takes over their bedroom and sleeps across 3 of their beds.

3. Staying with strange men

Snow White sleeps across 3 of their beds.

Girl, you do not do that in a stranger's house. You'll end up drugged and pregnant. Missing a limb while a shadowy group of dodgy men rule over your life and dump you out on the streets begging for pennies.

4. Eating a magic apple.

We all know Snow White takes a bite of the magic apple and falls into a deep sleep.

It sucks but when strange men and women offer you scrumptious goodies, try not to accept food from strangers. Even old grannies. Especially old grannies who give off sinister vibes.
You may wake up missing some organs. Or deadsies.

But I guess the world has become a much crueler and dark place since 1937.


Snow White - To relive your childhood, watch it here.

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