Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm in the gloom.

I havent been writing for ages. I have nothing to doodle about. I'm reduced to writing not-so-funny posts about movies and cartoons that caught my attention for the day.

life sucks a lot at the minute. i'm disillusioned about work. depressing things happened over the weekend. my kindy friend's dad passed away.

truth be told, i can no longer write about my day at work. it has come to a point when my privacy has been invaded. i'm tired of censoring myself at work, and the thought of censoring my thoughts off-work is just too tiring. i always looked forward to ranting into the cyber-void. it's like yelling into space. no one can hear you. but not anymore.

i'm so tired of minding my words when i'm off work. it's my fucking time for crying out loud.

oh im sort of over punctuation for the time being.

peace love and here's to hoping i snap out of this gloom (i've been watching Day Watch and Night Watch on repeat) soon.


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