Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The return of the nail polish.

I have gone back to painting my nails. I bought a bottle of OPI Bubble Bath and decided to give it a shot.

-- It's pretty! and J likes it.

Yes, I'm not a Pulitzer contender so I'll go back to writing about nail polish now.

I remembered the first time I painted them in uni. For some reason, I decided to be a girly girl (inner calling?). I bought a bottle of nail polish from the supermarket and went home feeling excited.

The end result?

It took me HOURS to paint 10 fingernails. I would try, it would turn out uneven and I would paint over it. And they would smudge, or I'd end up painting the side of my fingers. I tried to remove the tiny smudges and to my horror, wisps of cotton from the cotton pads would stick to my fingers.

Wiped off and repeated.

I swore I almost fainted from the noxious fumes.

So dear fellas, it's not easy being a girl!

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