Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All I want to do is to decorate the lawn wonderfully.

J and I will be married in a gazebo. It will be a lawn wedding.

Thing is, the hotel will be doing the decoration as part of the package and mmmm I'm underwhelmed by it.

We asked the hotel if they can improve on the decoration but as always "it comes at an extra."

So I've scrapped lanterns being hung around the lawn.

I've scrapped parasols for every guest.

I want birdcages of different sizes around the lawn.

I want ribbons with little blooms tied on it billowing in the air.

The floral designer (yup this is a real job) gave me a very "reasonable" quotation of 4500-6000 clams, out of which 1000 will be flowers just for the ceremony on the lawn.

Spending more than what I earn in a month on flowers?! That's just preposterous. The last time I checked, our families don't own mines/banks/countries.

I would love to have beautiful details for my wedding without that ridiculous price tag. It all points towards DIY but I can't be decorating the venue myself on the actual day!


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