Monday, June 15, 2009

Flaky skin - Dermalogica to the rescue.

Perhaps the weather has been most unkind to me. The extreme heat and the bitter cold in the office have taken a toll on my skin.

Truth be told, I don't have a good complexion. I've been plagued with bad skin for as long as I can remember. With the help of a very very generous dermatologist, I have clear skin now and we're more focused on treating the scars than acne.

Then the stupid weather (currently 34 degrees and boiling) wrecked everything.

I am peeling. I am blotchy. I don't think I'll react well if this happens close to the photoshoot or wedding.

The facialist has recommended me Dermalogica Barrier Repair

and Daily Microfoliant

The Barrier Repair acts as a barrier (duh, I feel dumb just typing it) between your skin and the world, protecting it from pollutants and chemicals that irritate the skin. It is absorbed very quickly and my face doesn't feel greasy.

[Usually I hate layering creams and potions because they become sticky in this humid weather. Instead of being absorbed by the skin, it sits on top and irritates me. By afternoon I'm not sure if it's moisturiser or dirt or oils. It's just gross. ]

And since my skin is super sensitive to fragrances, coloring and now heat, I have to use this superfine exfoliant so my face isn't scrubbed raw. Although it says 'Daily Microfoliant', I was advised NOT to use it daily because, yeah, my skin is THAT sensitive.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Let's hope the weird peeling and blotchy skin go away by Wednesday soon.

Barrier Repair - Official site
Daily Microfoliant - Official site

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Ceegee said...

I just did a review of Daily Microfoliant. Thankfully my skin is a little less sensitive than yours - I get rashy, blotchy and itchy with lots of things but Daily Microfoliant really works for me. I am trying out more of their products at the moment trying to tackle my skin problems so check in sometime!

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