Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ruffles and neutral colors make me wanna shop.

Perhaps I've got my mojo back, because I'm dying to go shopping for something breathtaking. Weddingy things, girly things, non-weddingy and anything.

[And no. I'll write about the Great Local Sale soon.]

I've been pretty wrapped up with the wedding, and after looking through so many color swatches, I just want to do something.. else.

It's refreshing to see something so simple and so... natural.

Neutral/nude is the new black.

Oh my god, ruffles!!! Asymmetrical ruffles!!!

This top is too funky and cute.

The zippers & peachy combo screams "I'm a cute and girly biker chick". But that's just me.

Philip Lim brought it to life.

But since I need to pay bills, I'll settle for Asos' version. Done!

[Everything is from Asos.com]

Asos - official site

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