Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This can't be happening.

This has been a sucky week. It's has been terribly frustrating that I'm just gonna write in point form.

By Monday night,
  • My face is still peeling
  • My nail polish is fading from all the cleaning and scrubing and chores
  • The standing fan makes such a high pitched whiny sound when it's on
  • Opens fridge to get food for dinner. Appalled to find all food thawed.
  • Puzzled by the warmth in the fridge. Did we leave it open? Not sure.
  • Decides to buy a new fan. Can't possibly sleep with that screechy sound all night. Rushes out to hypermarket to get one before it closed at 11pm
  • Fridge still running but not cold.

By Tuesday night,
  • Still effing peeling
  • Nail polish is still looking faded.
  • Opened fridge to find slightly cooled compartments. Still not cold enough. Food still thawed.
  • Concluded that fridge is effin screwed
  • Felt utterly helpless and in despair. called mom
  • Mom told me to cook all the meat (!) she bought and eat them all before they go bad
  • Told me to store what i can't finish
  • Told mom the fridge isnt cold enough to even store cooked food.
  • Silence ensues.
  • "Thanks mom"
  • Absolute waste of money to chuck all that food away.
  • Decided to cook food i think that hasn't gone off.
  • Cooked 2 portions of fish and 3 portions of veg.
  • Wondered if I'll succumb to food poisoning.
  • Wondered if I'll feel happy to get sick leave or absolutely pissed off because of loo trips
  • Then again, in the immortal words of Emily from The Devil Wears Prada
    "I'm only 1 stomach flu away from my goal weight."
    So win?

And it was only effin Tuesday.

What. The. Fudge.

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