Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All my Blogger buttons are belong to *cough*Net.

I haven't been able to post at home for the past couple of days because Blogger didn't display properly on BOTH Firefox and Chrome.

-- Image from here

I even upgraded Firefox just to try again. And obviously it didn't work. I was still missing all the little buttons, "Edit HTML" and "Compose" tabs.

I am absolutely reliant on the little buttons. I highlight, color, upload pictures and whatnot with ease because I am too lazy to remember the html codes for them. Since they just DISAPPEARED, I wasn't about to post anything without urm... sprucing up the post with colors and big pictures to distract from the writing.

-- Look! Dinosaurs!

I realised I wasn't alone when I Googled it. Apparently this only afflicted users using a certain ISP, *cough*Net. Users were encouraged to change their proxy just so that Blogger could be displayed properly. I, being the cynic hard-to-win-over customer, decided against doing so.

Changing the proxy does not change Blogger and your browser product-wise. It merely changes the way your browser ACCESS Blogger. It's a little like climbing through your window to get into the house when the front door magically don't work one day.

You don't fix the door or yourself. And I'm the type of person who's not satisfied just because I got into the house. That's entirely NOT the point.

*cough*Net should fix the issue. Stop denying the problem and work on it!

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