Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bride with OCD.

A friend remarked, "I've never seen a bride-to-be with that MANY things to do."

-- Get the checklist here

Well well well.

I guess I'm neurotic and controlling that way. I'm a little OCD when it comes to my things. Like how I hang my towels. Both sides must be equal so one side doesn't peek out from under. And how I arrange my toiletries according to the order I use them (shampoo, conditioner, face wash then body wash).

So when it comes to my wedding, I guess no one should expect any different. Initially I wanted to be the laid back bride and use everything as-is. Then I saw the Times New Roman font at 1 wedding setting.

Then I saw the blah invitations the hotel provides. It's just a cream colored card!

Then I saw the centerpieces.

I guess that was the breaking point for me. I snapped and I'm now in full-on micro-managing mode.

I cut out over 100 little butterflies, I printed my own Save The Date cards in duplex. I'm printing address labels.

[Did you know that page 1 and page 2 on the back don't come out exactly in the same margin?]

And yes I'm printing samples of photos I want for my own wedding photoshoot.

-- Look of love. Swooooooooooooooon

I mean, if I'm paying thousands of dollars for all these things, I want them to turn out the way I imagined.

I haven't yelled at anyone and given the death stare. I just turn into a control freak when people disappoint me. Hmmmmm

Wedding Checklist - free from Vertex42

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