Thursday, July 16, 2009

The eternal battle between self control and shopping.

I received my Bluefly dresses on Monday morning. Oh my god oh my god they are finally here!

I am both filled with joy and immense guilt. The beautiful dresses were on sale on and of course, "the more I buy the more I save" right?

What's $260 when its original retail price was $650?! It's a Nicole Miller dress. It's a bargain! It's a steal.

Thing is, I absolutely forgot about the exchange rate. So imagine my surprise when I got my credit card statement early this month and the dress came up to over #400.


I thought I'd be Zen. I do not need more clothes, shoes and other worldly possessions. Farewell Tiffany Keys for I need you no more.


I bought another pair of heels last evening despite chanting "I am Zen. Zen is me" (in my head of course. I don't want to appear crazy.) the whole time I was eyeing the pair of heels. How could I say no???

I seriously need to go into full hermit mode. I don't think it's wise to spend money like this when the economy has gone to the dogs and the wedding vendors are ripping me off.

I'll be home, deleting the temptations from Bluefly, ASOS from my inbox, if anyone is looking for me.

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