Monday, July 20, 2009

Glass jars and gardening.

J and I were furniture shopping for our imaginary new home and I came across these little gardens and I was in love.

Aren't they precious???

We all know, especially J, that I should keep away from all greens. He gave me a mini garden when we first dated (awesome gift I know) and I managed to kill hardy plants. The poor flower/fern/green thing turned purple, then blue and eventually became hollow.

The poor little thing didn't stand a chance.

Then I got a pot of orchids because they always look so... refined and poised.

-- obviously not my orchids

The blooms drooped by the time we got home and didn't flower since then. It's been slightly over a year and it looks miserable.

I'm hesitant about getting the little terrariums. They are fascinating to look at and needs minimal care. At least that's what the tag says.

Part science lab, all swoonsome. It's a mini ecosystem in a jar.

If I can somehow kill it just by staring at its beauty, then... I give up.

Anyhoo they are absolutely pretty and I can't wait to have my own home and my own little garden on my own dining table!

How to make your own terrarium - link
News article on terrariums - link

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