Monday, July 13, 2009

My bank account haemorrhages money.

July is looking to be a crappy month full of money woes.

  1. The tax people sent me a letter about my income tax payment for the financial year of 08-09. It took my breath away. And not in a good way.

  2. "Money for iPhone 3GS" is now "Money for income tax"

  3. The health insurance planner called back about the quotes. I have to pay a little over 4000 clams for health coverage. I feel a little breathless just typing it. I need to lie down.

  4. Mom gave me "the look" when I told her how much I am spending on invitations for 50 guests.
    "You don't have to buy the best of everything. People are just going to throw them away."

    "But it looks nice...." was my feeble reply.

  5. The flower guy for the reception said the tall floral arrangement is going to set me back 80 clams.
    "Is that 80 dollars ON TOP OF what is already included?"
    -- no reply yet --
    Right now I'm willing to compromise and use crappy flowers now even though I know my heart will break at the sight of them.

  6. Other decoration and accessories for the ceremony are going to set us back another couple of hundreds.

  7. The band is asking for upwards of $1200 for 2 sets of 45 minutes for a 3 piece band. $1200 for just 90 minutes !? I'm rather appalled.

I don't think I can bring myself to finish the list. 7 items are enough to drive me to tears.


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