Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My love for peonies run deep.

The moment I saw them I knew this would be a love for all time. They are soft, romantic, girlish full blooms.

In Chinese traditions, peonies (牡丹 mu3dan1) are extensively used for decorations along with the plum blossom. Peonies signify honour, riches, beauty and romance so what's not to love? :D

[I love plum blossoms too, sometimes I can't tell them apart from cherry blossoms BUT I digress.]

A bouquet of peonies was what I wanted when I walk down the aisle. Unfortunately the florist said that they are ridiculously expensive to get in Asia. Peonies don't do well in heat and humidity so they will most likely droop and brown out before I even walk down the aisle.

It just felt like the wedding I had pictured back in November 08 was a different wedding.

Nevertheless, I hope the florist comes up with something equally beautiful for the big day. A thousand clams should at least guarantee beautiful arrangements right?

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