Friday, July 17, 2009

Nicole Miller and my height.

In somewhat happier news, my lovely Nicole Miller dress is a dream.

[Dear Bluefly people, please pack dresses in smaller packages. I don't think 1 dress needs a box that's bigger than a laptop box. I paid A LOT for postage, thanks to your ridiculous box.]

My cousin and brother gasped (in horror) when I fished it out of the gigantic box the dress came shipped in.

"It's so....... yellow."
"It's so....... long."

Unwilling to face the cruel reality, I went back to my room and hung it up while I cleared away the gigantic box.

It does look long. I tried it on. It fits! It fits, somehow.

I just need to urm, cut a lot off. Maybe I can make a scarf or hair band out of it? I'll get MORE out of the dress! I'm feeling very crafty and creative lately so it will be turn out fabulous.


1 comment:

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

WOW that is long. That would totally drown me, I am only 5ft 1! You should def make something out of the leftover bits!

PS; The word verification on this post is 'arsspat'. I find this SO amusing!


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