Thursday, July 16, 2009

Overworked, Indian Overlord and the scam.

I have tried not to write about my frustrations at work because hey, I'm going to get married and I should have only happy thoughts in my head. The world is beautiful. All lovely, fine and dandy.

-- Unicorns have powers.

I'm done cuddling the imaginary puppies and unicorns in my head.

Work is driving me insane. It's not that I'm biased, but the Indian Overlord (he deserves a turd color) is just another smirky grin away from being sucker punched in the face.

The Indian Overlord promised the vendor 24 by 7 support for 1-10 Aug. Not the "we'll send someone when you have problem" kinda support, but "someone to sit next to you for 24 hours everyday" support.

I work 12 straight days out of which 2 are not paid. Just awesome Third World standards in a so-called First World country.

9 August is National Day and since it falls on a Sunday, Monday is a public holiday. But we have to work Sat, Sun and Monday. And being the giant scam of a management that they are, I highly doubt the team can claim all 3 full days owed in lieu.

Means that we are working for free. At the expense of family time and rest.

This is just effed up. The Indian Overlord will not be the one sitting here in the office, but the team will have to because he promised the client. This coming from a company and a government effort to encourage babies and family life.

(No one is home enough to make one of these.)

Yes, the management can stay at home with their families. But we lowly engineers will have to put our family second because of a jerk's promise.

Our weekend isn't time for us to rest and recharge. Their weekends are.

Our family doesn't count as family. Our family isn't as important as their families.

(And the lucky ones don't get to be home to see their children stuff their iPods in their mouths.)

Don't be fooled by the PR effort. There is no such thing as work life balance over here.

And never work for Indian Overlord and his cronies. They promise someone the moon and you'll be the poor fool who has to somehow get it done.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

That's terrible I really feel sorry for you. :( Where do you work? (Like, what kinda company is it I mean)


Rach said...

thank you for your kind thoughts. I work in an IT company.

I can't really elaborate because I know there are people from my office who read this site and yes, it's rather Orwellian.

well thanks heaps for coming back!

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