Monday, July 20, 2009

Photoshoot, the crazies and sharing makeup with strangers.

As the photoshoot draws nearer, I find myself getting nervous and crazier than ever.

Zits. My skin has a mind of its own and loves to torture me. After laser treatment on Saturday, I was positively aglow with health. Till I saw one tiny bump near upper lip this morning. Gah!

I guess I can't do anything about it if I get zits on the day of the photoshoot (please don't appear at the wedding please please). Concealer and extensive Photoshop will help. It is an act of God. You can't stop it.

-- My zit can be a swirl in a Van Gogh-ish painting.

Do I need to bring my own mascara? Do they use brand new bottle/pen/tube of mascara for each bride?

The whole "dipping back" into the little tube of *cough* contaminated *cough* well-used mascara just brings out the germaphobe in me.

Read this and freak out. You're welcome.

What about blush? It's a GREAT excuse reason to buy Benetint.

-- Voted Best Product numerous times

And foundation. What if they don't have the EXACT shade for my skin? I don't want to look like a geisha at my wedding shoot. That's NOT the look I'm going for!

Ahhhhh the thoughts I have on a Monday afternoon.

A Peek Into The Secrets of Applying Mascara - link
Benetint -

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