Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reminiscing the best times of our friendship.

A new colleague in my office reminds me of my dear friend Adrain.

Adrian is my dear friend from uni and has gotten married recently! Much joy and love to him. Anyway Fake Adrian is very much like him. Loud, inappropriate funny comments and they have almost the same eyes. Almost.

I miss uni days. I miss hanging out with friends. $5 dinner on pub nights (!), Blockbuster movie marathons (you rent 7 movies for 10 bucks for a week), mad rush during exam and assignment seasons. The whole lot.

When the gang went home 1 semester before us, the group dwindled to the 4 of us. Adrain still gave me the evil eye because I refused to spell his name right just to mess with him. 3 Wise Monkeys was our favourite drinking spot, and I couldn't remember how many times we sang out loud with the band, totally unaware of how good/bad we sounded.

And yes Adrain would sometimes play his guitar, pretending to jam. This was sooooooooo before Guitar Hero. I always laughed at how a monkey like him could be an assistant lecturer at uni. Totally hilarious and unbelievable.

I miss going to the Coogee Beach at night in the middle of winter. Gawd that was cold but beer by the beach is by far one of the best things in life. We would get home all cold and damp from the strong sea wind but it was too fun. We went back there so many times.

Now that uni is over and we're all home on this tiny sunny island, we all have our families to go to, jobs that take over our lives and other friends to meet up with. We have not met up with each other.

I can't help but feel a little sad that the best times of our friendship was in 2005 before we all came home.

Adrain, I miss you.

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