Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wedding invitation - The outsourcing.

I have succumbed and gotten my invitations made by "professionals".

(More on that later.)

Yes. This came after months of research, collecting samples and pictures of what I like, installing luscious fonts on both my work and home computers, and trying over and over again on my invitation layout.

York ES Script. Faaaaaawns.

I was extremely pleased with my work, it was beautiful, pink and full of swirls. Then the shocker came. My mom wanted the Chinese version on the same invitation.

Oh. My. God.

The last time I used formal Chinese was... probably never. During my school days, I did fairly well in Chinese. I got an 'A'. True, it was no A star but my over-achieving side died when I was 15 and I now celebrate mediocrity and 10th place in sports. That aside, I have no problem with Chinese in the casual spoken and written form.

But this?

  1. Specify the date of the wedding in both gregorian/solar and Chinese/lunar calendar form.
  2. List the day of the week in parenthesis.
  3. Precede the bride and groom's names with their birth order among siblings. For example: Eldest son Second daughter Youngest son
  4. The characters for "welcome" should be in larger font than rest of text.

That was the turning point. The fonts, layout and the single most crucial difficulty: how do I translate J's name and his parents' names into Chinese just pushed me over the cliff.

I couldn't do it. The search for florists, the overcharging soulless photographers, the friends and family who kept hounding me with "where are we going to stay? when should we fly in?" and now the invitations became too much.

I simply do not have the time nor energy to do it all.

We have paid a deposit, we have decided on the general layout and colors and it's now the professional's job to get everything right.

One thing down, a few thousand more to go.

Chinese wording take from here
York ES Script - link to download

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