Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wedding invitation - The shocker.

I really really want to write, but the rage in me just puts me in a very destructive mood. I don't want to write. I just want to bite someone's head off.

Or blow something up Bruce Willis Die Hard style or Michael Bay's "everything explodes when touched" style. I'm not fussed.

J can attest to this. He has never seen me so aggressive. Neither has my friends.

I am simply exasperated at the ludicrous lack of professionalism.

My dream response card looks like this.

They sent me this.

There were so many things wrong with it I wanted to cry. They even got our phone numbers wrong!

Read this and weep.

Someone obviously did not turn on Spell Checker or finish primary school with stellar grades. All these came from their "Sales Designer". I think they are using the word "designer" a little too generously.

I was extremely impressed with Wedding Paper Divas work that I contemplated ordering online. Yes, invitations made in USA and mailed all the way to Asia. Very "cost-efficient". The whole cost factor (can you imagine the postage?) pushed me towards a local invitation maker.

The local invitation maker showed me portfolios from Envelopments, and I was willing to compromise. We talked about what I wanted and placed a deposit. J and I paid and we expected the standards they had shown us from their portfolios.

(Therein lies the million dollar question: did they have anything to do with the samples they showed us from their portfolio?)

Now I so want to kick myself for not going with PROFESSIONAL invitation makers. So what if they are all the way on another continent?! I thought I outsourced my stationery headaches. I guess I have a bigger one now.

BAH !!!

Envelopments - Official site
Wedding Paper Divas - Official site

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