Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When work goes home with you.

Tom says (1:51 PM):
got scolded in the meeting
It's me says (1:53 PM):
sorry about the phonecall during your meeting
Tom says (1:56 PM):
not yr fault ....
fuck man, hate it when my boss is my mother
It's me says (2:06 PM):
i guess your family doesn't do the "how was your day" conversation at home

LOL. I'm going to rub it in and tease him when we meet for chow this week. We have been unexpectedly close since the last semester of uni. We shared the same supervisor for our thesis, he took me to the most awesome beef pie in the world, I ironed 3 shirts and picked his tie for his graduation because this man can't work an iron. Tom owes me for life now.

Tom will understand my humour. Our wicked twisted sense of humour.

Best beef pie in the universe - Harry's Cafe de Wheels

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