Monday, August 24, 2009

Pon de Lion and maple syrup love.

My brother came back from Taiwan bearing gifts from faraway.

Gifts like doughnuts. He packed me 2 doughnuts to bring to work for brekkie and I must say, that was a first. :D

Pon de Tofu Honey.

At first bite, I thought "this doughnut isn't special enough to hand carry all this way home". I didn't taste the tofu. What tofu? It's not as soft and fluffy as a Krispy Kreme Original recipe, and a little heavier.

But the Maple Flocky Chou?

I'd hand carry them by the dozens if I ever visit Taiwan. Fresh cream and maple syrup on a doughnut? Why didn't anyone think of that!? It's delicious. Plus the shop's mascots are uber cute.

Isn't Pon de Lion cute?!???? Doesn't that remind you of something?

I can't wait to try every doughnut they have!

Mister Donut - Official site (in japanese)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Unhappy listlessness - Population 1.

I find myself, apathetic towards almost everything these days. I used to be passionate about politics, rights, travel and what life has to offer. I remember I wanted to do something creative, maybe draw, create or being a part of something fun. Make special effects or throw myself into animation.

I have no idea where that person has gone to.

Now I'm part of the shuffling shadow in the busy train station that is life. I go home, go to work. Repeat. I am miserable and I don't quite know what to do about it.

I can't say if work has finally got me down. It is depressing and perhaps at the most opposite end of the creative spectrum. Let's be honest. I don't want to sugarcoat how I feel even if people at work are reading this. I'll still give my 100% at work but it still doesn't mean this is my dream job if you get what I mean.

I buy joy. Every time I feel depressed I go out and look at everything that's pretty. They are beautifully packaged, smells nice and the shops are always clean and bright. I feel like my life is in control every time I buy something. You see, I have a choice.

Life, however, doesn't present itself with that many choices. And even if there are choices, you keep looking for the option that's not on the table. "To put up with inane requests, or stand up and take whatever retort for refusing" Are those the only choices I have?

dol·drums (dōl'drəmz', dôl'-, dŏl'-)
pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
1. A period of stagnation or slump.
2. A period of depression or unhappy listlessness.
3. A region of the ocean near the equator, characterized by calms, light winds, or squalls.
4. The weather conditions characteristic of these regions of the ocean.


I guess, 2?

I hope I'll snap out of this soon. I want to feel strongly about things again.

My brief escape.

In 1 week's time, I'll wake on on a different continent in one of the most remote regions in the world.

J and I explored the area once in 2005, but this time I'll return without him. J will be at work, and maybe within 1000 miles from where I'll be. I wonder if I can radio him and embarass him since the entire southern hemisphere is probably listening.

Anyhoo, hello sharks and sea turtles!

Can't wait to escape the city.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I may be a fragrance addict.

One of the most elusive fragrances that I haven't been able to purchase, has been spotted in a local mall.

Quercus by Penhaligons.

It's light, refreshing and not overpowering. Great for everyday. So is Hermes Kelly Caleche.

It's pink, has a lock and it's probably the closest thing from Hermes I'm willing to pay for.

Thing is, everytime I look at all the junk things on my dresser I feel guilty. I do not need lip balms of almost the same shade in different flavours. Or bracelets I don't really wear because they go 'clink' on my watch the entire day.

So do I need 5-6 bottles of expensive fragrances on my dresser to guilt me further?

I don't quite know yet.

Quercus by Penhaligons - Official site

Monday, August 17, 2009

More butterflies.

I have this thing for butterflies and I can't stop it.

Aren't they pretty to look at?

I searched everywhere for butterfly motif for my wedding and now they are here.

After cutting over 100 butterflies painstakingly, I'm still thinking about sticking with the whole butterfly theme, cut more of these in other colors and scatter them all over the wedding.

Images from iDIY

Crampy pain in my fingers or personal touch at the wedding?

Butterfly dingbats -

Thursday, August 13, 2009

That was the last straw.

It had been exceptionally trying at the office today. Mostly for me anyway since I can't speak for anyone else. I snapped and I did something about it.

We were in a meeting and we hit a roadblock. An expert opinion on the subject was needed. A lady was invited to the little pow wow.

Lady: Oh this is what was discussed <>. Hey, weren't you at the previous meeting as well?
The Plunger: That must have been my other twin. By the way, do you have twin fantasies?

The Lady gave the "eww I can't believe you just said that" look. Everyone at the pow wow laughed. Everyone.

I was so disgusted I rolled my eyes in plain view and spun around in my swivelled chair. I refused to participate in the meeting any longer.

This is not the first time such inappropriate jokes have been included in meetings. On another occasion an unfortunate project was given the code"BJ". I guess everyone can see where the conversation headed. An foreign colleague didn't know what it meant and asked what that meant, and The Plunger actually replied, "You're married and you don't know "BJ"? You're missing out! It's an application for <>, your daughter will use it in future!"

I was fuming. Sex jokes and you bring the family in? How would anyone feel? This is someone's wife and daughter. Just like what happened today, everyone laughed. Every effin one at the meeting.

I realized I was distancing myself from the team not because of the work at hand, but the people who actually encourage such behaviour to go on.

I refuse to associate myself with people who are inconsiderate and disrespectful to other team members. And this self-imposed exile is affecting my performance.

If you wouldn't crack the same sexual, sexist, racist or brainless jokes in front of your clients and bosses, why would you make an exception for your peers?

I understand the need of humour to break the ice and engage people in conversation. There are a million topics out there. There is a time and place for insensitive jokes. The workplace isn't on the list.

I approached a manager and lodged a "feedback" this afternoon. I will not stand for this nonsense.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I was happy when Twitter...

I must be an evil witch because... I'm actually glad Twitter went down for some time last week.

I'm apprehensive about this schadenfreude because whenever Blogger service is shot to bits, I throw up my arms and start chanting evil spells at whoever, whatever.

But honestly, Twitter is irritating as hell. Constant updates on what you're doing, eating, where you're going and how you feel about ice cream that gave you a brain freeze are both mindless and annoying.

Is anyone really interested that you're in the loo while you send out your latest status? If there are a selected group of your friends who follow your pooing habits that closely, be afraid.

I find it a little creepy that someone out there is paying attention to every single thing I do, think, eat, and where I am at all times. It's very Big Brother, just that teenagers volunteer happily to update ALL THE TIME. Stalkers around the world have never been happier.

I can only see the fun in it IF this technology is used by spies or Bush while he was president.

+ meeting with house of representative. do i have to go?
+ i like mikes
+ getting into car
+ secret service does not like it when i put my head out the window
+ are we there yet?
+ wooo birdies!!
+ are we there yet?
+ are we there yet?
+ are we there yet?

THAT, my friends, would be utterly hilarious.

Facebook and Twitter down: Social networking meltdown - article

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quirky find - Folksy cutouts.

Isn't this adorable?

-- Image from Something Old, Something New

When I saw it this morning, the first thing that came to my mind was, "How can I make this myself?"

I could use my best MS Paint skills, change the names, inverse colors and resize and ...

Then I came back to reality. I have less than 3 months to go before the big day. My florist for the reception hasn't given me a definite answer (the hell with "seasonal flowers" excuse!), some deco stuff is still up in the air and I've just added cutesy bunnies to the list.

I don't think I can slave in front of the table, hand-cut every little corners to make this pretty banner after cutting hundreds of butterflies, bunnies and address labels. I just can't.

I know I swoon a lot, but I can't help it if they are sooooooo many creative and beautiful things everywhere. We are going a little over our budget so I think I'll have to live without the banners. *pouts*

The lovely hand-cut banners can be found at Ay Mujer on Etsy.

Feeling festive - Something old, something new

Friday, August 07, 2009

Dancing at Lady Gaga's concert.

Just dance!!!

Can't wait to hop around in public :D

4 left feet.

Beyond the Sea.

I don't think we can pull this off. Between the 2 of us we have 4 left feet, but wouldn't it be fantastic if everyone can dance like that?


1 more song to add to the song list!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Flowers and bunny love.

One of my friends texted my a website of a shop that sells the elusive birdcages (!!) I've been searching for.

Of course I checked it out. And I am smitten.

The simple, rustic, charming look is too sweet. If the hotel florist doesn't get back to me soon, I'm going to call up other florists.

And look at the rabbits!!!!

Omg omg omg who doesn't love bunnies wunnies? I'm going crazy but it's ok. Work and wedding planning do that to people.

I'm going to add bunnies to the decoration. Wish me luck!

By the Branch - Official site

The best laid plans of mice and men.

The best laid plans of mice and men and brides often go awry.

I've received all my invitations with all the time and venues printed. I've arranged for photography, makeup, found my dress etc. Everything is finally falling in place.

Then the Justice of Peace I called said he could only make it at 5pm, and not 5.30pm like how I've printed on my invitations.

Total. Utter. Fugness.

p.s. When most people think of brides, they think white happy girl in fluffy dress all mild mannered, sweet, giddy with excitement and joy. I'm quick tempered, frustrated with vendors and use words like "fugness", "crap" and "freak".


Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bluefly tortures me with its emails.

I saw this in my inbox and my heart went cold.

It was sent to me at 2.22am. And since I'm NOT a bat, I was actually asleep throughout the entire 4 hours of the massive sale on

My Chanel bag. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps.

Why do you torture me so? DAMN YOU BLUEFLY!

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