Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I was happy when Twitter...

I must be an evil witch because... I'm actually glad Twitter went down for some time last week.

I'm apprehensive about this schadenfreude because whenever Blogger service is shot to bits, I throw up my arms and start chanting evil spells at whoever, whatever.

But honestly, Twitter is irritating as hell. Constant updates on what you're doing, eating, where you're going and how you feel about ice cream that gave you a brain freeze are both mindless and annoying.

Is anyone really interested that you're in the loo while you send out your latest status? If there are a selected group of your friends who follow your pooing habits that closely, be afraid.

I find it a little creepy that someone out there is paying attention to every single thing I do, think, eat, and where I am at all times. It's very Big Brother, just that teenagers volunteer happily to update ALL THE TIME. Stalkers around the world have never been happier.

I can only see the fun in it IF this technology is used by spies or Bush while he was president.

+ meeting with house of representative. do i have to go?
+ i like mikes
+ getting into car
+ secret service does not like it when i put my head out the window
+ are we there yet?
+ wooo birdies!!
+ are we there yet?
+ are we there yet?
+ are we there yet?

THAT, my friends, would be utterly hilarious.

Facebook and Twitter down: Social networking meltdown - article

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