Monday, August 24, 2009

Pon de Lion and maple syrup love.

My brother came back from Taiwan bearing gifts from faraway.

Gifts like doughnuts. He packed me 2 doughnuts to bring to work for brekkie and I must say, that was a first. :D

Pon de Tofu Honey.

At first bite, I thought "this doughnut isn't special enough to hand carry all this way home". I didn't taste the tofu. What tofu? It's not as soft and fluffy as a Krispy Kreme Original recipe, and a little heavier.

But the Maple Flocky Chou?

I'd hand carry them by the dozens if I ever visit Taiwan. Fresh cream and maple syrup on a doughnut? Why didn't anyone think of that!? It's delicious. Plus the shop's mascots are uber cute.

Isn't Pon de Lion cute?!???? Doesn't that remind you of something?

I can't wait to try every doughnut they have!

Mister Donut - Official site (in japanese)

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