Thursday, August 13, 2009

That was the last straw.

It had been exceptionally trying at the office today. Mostly for me anyway since I can't speak for anyone else. I snapped and I did something about it.

We were in a meeting and we hit a roadblock. An expert opinion on the subject was needed. A lady was invited to the little pow wow.

Lady: Oh this is what was discussed <>. Hey, weren't you at the previous meeting as well?
The Plunger: That must have been my other twin. By the way, do you have twin fantasies?

The Lady gave the "eww I can't believe you just said that" look. Everyone at the pow wow laughed. Everyone.

I was so disgusted I rolled my eyes in plain view and spun around in my swivelled chair. I refused to participate in the meeting any longer.

This is not the first time such inappropriate jokes have been included in meetings. On another occasion an unfortunate project was given the code"BJ". I guess everyone can see where the conversation headed. An foreign colleague didn't know what it meant and asked what that meant, and The Plunger actually replied, "You're married and you don't know "BJ"? You're missing out! It's an application for <>, your daughter will use it in future!"

I was fuming. Sex jokes and you bring the family in? How would anyone feel? This is someone's wife and daughter. Just like what happened today, everyone laughed. Every effin one at the meeting.

I realized I was distancing myself from the team not because of the work at hand, but the people who actually encourage such behaviour to go on.

I refuse to associate myself with people who are inconsiderate and disrespectful to other team members. And this self-imposed exile is affecting my performance.

If you wouldn't crack the same sexual, sexist, racist or brainless jokes in front of your clients and bosses, why would you make an exception for your peers?

I understand the need of humour to break the ice and engage people in conversation. There are a million topics out there. There is a time and place for insensitive jokes. The workplace isn't on the list.

I approached a manager and lodged a "feedback" this afternoon. I will not stand for this nonsense.

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