Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chuck and Blair forever.

"Are you ok?"

"I am now."

Just forward to 1.05 of the clip. There's a reason why they rock. And this is one of them.

OMFGossip Girl!!!

Dan, you lousy suddenly-popular-kid-who-turns-on-the-one-person-who-saved-you-from-Georgina, you actually forgot she was a demon whom you needed Blair's help to exorcise.

Vanessa, the hippie hobo who always secretly wished she's one of the It girls despite her obvious fake disdain towards them, is now one. And she's now behaving just as mean as the It girls. I hope her mangy hair extensions get caught in the revolving doors to the library.

(I'm mean but she's a fictional character so I'm allowed.)

Seriously, Dan, Georgina and Vanessa need to burn. Go Team Waldorf!

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